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We have been providing hospital and clinic services to the people of Arkansas City, Winfield, and the entire Cowley County region for over a century. Since the beginning, we have held one belief when it comes to healthcare for your family; just meeting the standard just isn't good enough.

Whether it be mending a broken bone, providing care for a critically ill loved one, or introducing a newborn to the world, you want and deserve excellence. Whether it's dedicated and compassionate doctors and staff or current technology and procedures, all focused on excellence, you'll find them here. Because your family's healthcare matters most. For general information please call the SCKMC main line at (620)442-2500.

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Patient Testimonials and Exceptional Service Nominees

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2019 Date TBA

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Bonnie Scheiber (center) was named Integrity Lifesaver of the Month for March and April. Integrity Healthcare Professionals’ Physician Assistant Debra Schrag (left) and Dr. Jospeh O’Donnell presented the award.


Integrity Healthcare Professionals, who manage the physician services for the emergency department at SCKMC, have announced the selection of Bonnie Schieber as their most recent "Lifesaver of the Month" at the local hospital.

In making the announcement, one of the two founding partners of Integrity, Dr. Joseph O'Donnell, stated "Bonnie is really the glue that holds this unit together. Everyone looks to her for leadership. If there's ever any question about what to do in a certain situation, they all look to her for the answer."

At first skeptical about the idea of having to do a rotation in emergency medicine during her nursing training, Schieber recalls a pivotal moment. "We had a patient in critical condition who had to be life-flighted out of our facility to a center with greater capability. I remember helping load her in. I felt a sense of tremendous achievement when that helicopter took off. I knew that our actions were going to save this woman's life." She pauses, then reflects, "I knew at that moment that this is what I wanted to do with my life."

This feeling of accomplishment and being that someone in a time of need is why Bonnie Schieber loves being a nurse. Working in the Emergency Department as Nurse Manager, Schieber leads thirteen other fulltime nurses in one of the highest stress and chaotic environments of SCKMC. Schieber believes that positivity and good morale is the glue that keeps the team together. "If you start getting negative it’s very contagious; that’s why I like to keep the good energy going and keep everyone motivated. I don’t want people to hate coming into work, I want it to be fun." Schieber states.

Schieber is no stranger to getting into the action with fifteen years of experience working for SCKMC as a Registered Nurse in both Medical Surgery and Emergency Room, as well as her current post. "I am exactly where I want to be" she proclaims. "People are going to have accidents, people are going to get hurt, and they’re going to need help from somebody, and I like the fact that I am that person that gets to help." The most rewarding experience for Schieber is being able to save a life, and the human connection that patients and the staff express. At the end of the day "you feel like you’ve done a good job, it’s rewarding."

In addition to saving lives Schieber’s duties as Nurse Manager include: directing any situation that arises, continuing medical education with the staff, scheduling, and responding to any complaints or concerns from patients, family members of those patients, and employees. Schieber insists she has no interest in switching her role at SCKMC. "This position gives me the opportunity to work with the public and continue my education by attending meetings/conferences with other Nurse Managers, Leaders, Doctors throughout the state.

I also really enjoy the patient care and taking care of them in the way a nurse cares for the patient." A large part of what keeps Schieber motivated is her coworkers. "We call ourselves family; I love every one of them."

Ever since being a little girl Schieber reveals she has "always been interested in medicine." Picking out anatomy books at book fairs, and "watching all the doctor shows." When ultimately deciding to choose nursing as her occupation Schieber told herself "I’m going to be a nurse, because I know I’ll always have a job." Another reason is that this field brings flexibility that appeals to her. "There’s different kinds of nurses, so if I get tired of being one type of a nurse I can be another. I have endless options, so that’s why I decided that nursing was the way to go."

"I’m very happy with where I’m at" professes Schieber. "I really enjoy working here, you hear so much negative, but I haven’t experienced any. This is pretty much the only place I know, and I don’t have any desire to go anywhere else." 

Bonnie Schieber graduated High School from Arkansas City in 1999, earned an Associate's degree from Cowley College and acquired her Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree from Southwestern College. Her ability to lead by example, overall performance, and positive outlook makes her Lifesaver of the month and an indispensable member of SCKMC.

Note: Arturo Mendoza, marketing intern, is the principal author of this article.