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Foundation Giving

Excellence is achieved one accomplishment at a time.

At SCKMC, we are building a future of excellence every day with every encounter. And now you can be part of that experience through a legacy gift.

Giving to the hospital helps us continue to provide the best in medical care right here, close to home. We offer a number of approaches to support our programs. Gifting opportunities include area dedication or memorial naming, assistance in providing new equipment, sponsoring healthcare programs, and much more.

Building bridges for better health & stronger communities

With the new South Central Kansas Medical Center replacement facilities now open, we invite you to consider ways to help us build a future of excellence. Our vision is centered on EXCELLENCE, not only with our structure, but also in the programs we provide, and the way we deliver care and service to our patients.

In support of reaching our community vision, we have partnered with Legacy Regional Community Foundation to develop the Arkansas City Community Health Fund that will specifically benefit South Central Kansas Medical Center and those we serve.

The Community Health Fund is for cash or endowment gifts to SCKMC. Cash fund gifts may be spent immediately, as opposed to endowment gifts where the main gift is never spent but permanently invested to provide income. Earnings from these investments may be used by the hospital for a variety of health related purposes.

As you plan for your future, you are making a number of important decisions. One of those carefully planned decisions may be to leave a legacy gift, a meaningful gift that will endure beyond your lifetime for the benefit of others. A legacy gift to the new Medical Center is an opportunity to make a difference within our community for decades to come.

Gifting opportunities range from providing support to name a portion of the new facility, to providing funding that can assist in providing new equipment needed for the facility, to assisting with expenses associated with physician recruitment, and much more.  These gifts will allow us to "reach" to a higher level and obtain needed items we would otherwise not be able to acquire.

We offer a number of approaches to assist us. You may provide a gift of money or property, now or for a date in the future. It may be fulfilled over time or provided all at once.

You may consider providing a gift to remember someone or perhaps a special event. Those gifts might be:
• In memoriam: The loss of a loved one, friend or colleague often inspires us to ensure their memory lives on. Many people find supporting SCKMC is an ideal way to honor someone who has passed away. Gifts made "in memoriam" offer a lasting tribute to a loved one while providing family and friends satisfaction of knowing they have helped others.

• In honor: Sometimes words are simply not enough to thank someone who has helped you during through a difficult time or guided and assisted you at some point along life's path. Gifts made "in honor" recognize the outstanding contributions made by others in your life: perhaps close friend, teacher, pastor, doctor, nurse and other individual. It's a lasting gift that will surely brighten someone's day.

• In celebration: Whether you are marking an achievement in your life or the life of your family, celebrating the birth of a baby or another achievement, consider making a donation to SCKMC a part of your celebration. It's a satisfying way to celebrate, knowing you are helping SCKMC continue its important work.

South Central Kansas Medical Center is a governmental organization under IRC 115 established in 1951 specializing in providing a full range of healthcare to citizens in and around Cowley County, Kansas. Legacy Regional Community Foundation is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit philanthropic organization. This means gifts to any fund held with Legacy are tax-deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law.

To discuss how you can assist Building a Future of Excellence please contact SCKMC Chief Marketing Officer, Doc Arnett at 620-441-5921 to schedule a visit, or contact Legacy Regional Community Foundation at (620) 221-7224. Online donations may be made at