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Maintenance Department Lead

Position Description
Position: Maintenance Department Manager

1.    Responsible for the administration, direction and management of the building, grounds, utilities, equipment and plant equipment/machinery.
2.    Supervises and coordinates construction, renovation and repairs of the building structures, walls, floors, ceilings, cabinets and furniture by contractors and maintenance personnel. Responsible for ensuring hospital floor cleanliness and maintenance.
3.    Maintains current knowledge base of all federal and state regulations governing the plant maintenance and hospital facility. Educates staff to comply with state and federal regulations. Maintains compliance with all laws and regulations as applicable.
4.    Prepares annual budget and maintains compliance with budgetary guidelines as established for the year. Projects future budgetary plant maintenance and informs administration of possible future expenses.
5.    Participates in monthly Board of Trustees meeting for Facility and Safety Management by providing members with a monthly report.
6.    Participates in the Safety and Worker’s Compensation Committees and ensures the facility is safe. Corrects any safety hazards as they appear and presents ongoing problems with potential solutions to senior management.
7.    Ensures the facility is utilizing resources and materials efficiently and effectively.

License: Valid drivers license with no driving stipulations.
Education: High School Diploma or GED required.
Experience: Previous maintenance supervisory experience preferred in a healthcare setting. Must have working knowledge of electrical, mechanical, and building maintenance. Knowledge of electrical , building codes, and plumbing. Working knowledge of safety codes, OSHA, EPA, State Health Regulations, hazardous materials and emergency preparedness.

Contact Information
Krista Carrillo - Human Resource Manager
PO BOX 1107
Arkansas City, KS 67005
Phone: 620-441-5902