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Multiple Departments Recognized at SCKMC

Department team leaders use their specific week to help build stronger relationships between staff and the rest of the hospital.

October 26, 2017

October may be best known for Halloween, the World Series, and locally Arkalalah, but the month also holds significance in the healthcare world. Several health related specialties are recognized in October for their contributions to the care of others, including: National Pharmacists Month, Healthcare Foodservice Workers Week (Oct. 1-7), Healthcare Supply Chain Week (Oct. 1-7), Nuclear Medicine Week (Oct. 1-7), Physician Assistants Week (Oct. 6-12), Case Management Week (Oct. 8-14), Emergency Nurse Week (Oct. 8-14), Healthcare Facilities Week (Oct. 22-28), and more.

Department team leaders use their specific week to help build stronger relationships between staff and the rest of the hospital.

“The key to any successful department is good relationships, them knowing who you are, that you are competent to do your job, and that they can trust you. We have a very dedicated staff here. They are awesome to work as hard as they do,” said Kendrell Holley, SCKMC’s Respiratory Therapy Team Leader.

Christine Hamm, Dietary Manager, provided a similar message about her Nutritional Services staff.

“I love my team. Everybody does their very best. They definitely deserve more recognition because everybody works really, really hard to do their job to the best of their ability. I am very grateful for all of them,” Hamm said.

The recognition weeks are also the perfect time to raise community awareness to the roles the various departments play in patient care.

“When it comes to respiratory, we’re the ones at the head of the bed making sure you are still breathing, utilizing whatever equipment or machines I have at my disposal. You may save a person’s life and they never know you played an integral part in allowing this person to continue on living, but I love knowing that I am part of a team that will enhance the quality of a person’s life,” Holley said.

While respiratory therapy provides a hands on approach to patient care, nutritional services is an equally essential step on the road to recovery.

“It is our job to make sure our patients get a nutritious, healthy diet because that will help them to get better and leave the hospital. I think our food is good, and we get a lot of compliments about it. We care about what we are making, and try to make it look presentable and taste good too,” Hamm said.

The Medical Center holds a weeklong celebration each May, during National Hospital Week, to recognize all of staff and their dedication to healthcare. However, the team leaders believe the extra recognition shown during their specific weeks is meaningful to their staffs. 

“If you see a respiratory therapist pat them on the back, shake their hand, and thank them for what they do. It is moments like that, that will carry you further,” Holley said.