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Friends & Family Networking Program

Do you have friends or family in the medical field who may be interested in "coming home" or making Ark City their new home? We are always looking for the next great nurse, doctor, or specialist to join our team.

Who Better to Treat You Like Family, Than Family?
The Friends & Family Networking Program

Help us hire those connected to our community and it could mean a rewarding, life-long career for them and up to a $5,000 recruitment bonus for you!

E-mail us your friend or family members name, occupation, current position, and contact information. We would love to follow up with them about local opportunities in the healthcare field.

Jeff Bowman, Chief Executive Officer
Doc Arnett, Director of Marketing

How the bonus program works.
South Central Kansas Medical Center will pay you a "recruitment bonus" if your lead results in the permanent placement of a healthcare professional. Bonus amount varies based upon the medical specialty being recruited:

$500 - Registered Nurse
$1,500 - Physical or Occupational Therapist
$2,500 - Mid-Level Practitioner (Physician Assistant or Nurse Practitioner)
$5,000 - Physician

Bonus will be paid in two installments. The first half will be paid upon the recruited party successfully completes 90 days of employment through SCKMC or an affiliated clinic. The second half will be paid after the recruited party successfully completes nine months of employment through SCKMC or an affiliated clinic.

Employees or affiliates of SCKMC are not eligible for bonus. Bonus will be provided only to first person to submit a candidates name.