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Physician Assistant - ER

The Emergency Department Physician Assistant (ED PA) will provide primary healthcare services in the ED setting under the direct or indirect supervision of the physician on call and/or the ED Medical Director.  S/he will be responsible for complying with all requirements of the SCKMC EMTALA Policy, including but not limited to the provision of an adequate medical screening examination and patient transfer compliance, as well as complying with CMS requirements for Core Quality Measures.

Duties may include:
Assess, evaluate, diagnose, and initially treat patients of all ages who present in the ED with any symptom, illness, injury, or condition and provide services necessary to ameliorate minor illnesses or injuries; stabilize patients with major illnesses or injuries and assess all patients to determine if additional care is necessary.  Privileges do not include long-term care of patients on an inpatient basis.  

Core Procedures may include:
•    Administer medications and perform other emergency treatment
•    Perform ACLS per established protocols and PALS if acquired
•    Apply, remove, and manage casts and splints
•    Apply, remove, and change dressings and bandages
•    Counsel and instruct patients and significant others as appropriate on medications, disease, and preventive healthcare.
•    Perform wound debridement, suturing and general care for superficial wounds and minor superficial surgical procedures.
•    Direct care as specified by medical staff approved protocols
•    Immobilize (spine, long bone, soft tissue) and transport
•    Initiate referral to appropriate physician or other healthcare professional of problems that exceed the PA's scope of practice
•    Insert and remove central venous catheters
•    Insert and remove nasogastric tubes
•    Insert Heimlich (small gauge) valve
•    Manage epistaxis
•    Obtain and record medical/social history and perform physical exams, including rectal and pelvic exams as indicated
•    Order diagnostic testing and therapeutic modalities such as laboratory tests, medications, treatments, X-ray, EKG, IV fluids and electrolytes, etc.
•    Perform arterial puncture and blood gas sampling
•    Perform ear, nose, rectum, soft tissue, throat, vaginal, and gastric lavage
•    Perform incision and drainage of superficial abscesses
•    Perform preliminary interpretation of EKGs with second reading by supervising physician
•    Perform preliminary interpretations of simple plain x-ray films with second reading by supervising physician or radiologist
•    Perform urinary bladder catheterization (short-term and indwelling) (e.g., Robinson, Coude', Foley)
•    Perform venous punctures for blood sampling, cultures, and IV catheterization
•    Record assessment on physician’s T-Sheet or dictate H & P
•    Reduce joint dislocations
•    Perform removal of foreign body
•    Splint extremity fractures
•    Write discharge summaries which comply with CMS requirements for the ED transition record

Specific required competencies include:
•    Provide a thorough Medical Screening Exam to obtain information about the patient’s physical condition.
•    Interpret diagnostic test results for deviations from normal.
•    Make diagnoses and decisions about management and treatment of patients independently and in consultation with the physician on call and/or the ED Medical Director.
•    Obtain, compile and record patient medical data, including health history, progress notes and results of physical examination.
•    Independently perform life saving or critical procedures such as endotracheal intubation and chest tube insertion.
•    Prescribe therapy or medication.
•    Supervise and coordinate activities of nurses, nurse aides, technicians and technical assistants.

To be eligible to apply for clinical privileges as a physician assistant in emergency medicine, the applicant must meet the following criteria:

1. Completion of an Accreditation Review Commission on Education for the Physician
    Assistant (ARC-PA) approved program or completion of an accredited emergency
    medicine PA residency program

2. Current licensure to practice as a PA in the State of Kansas

3. Professional liability insurance coverage issued by a recognized company and of a type
    and in an amount equal to or greater than the limits established by the governing body.

4. ACLS certification is required & PALS certification is recommended.

5. DEA Certificate.


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